Recommendation plays an important role in Lyft’s understanding of its riders and allows for customizing app experiences to better fulfill their needs. At times, recommendations are also leveraged to manage the marketplace, making sure there’s a healthy balance between ride demand and driver supply. This allows ride requests to be fulfilled with more desirable dispatch outcomes such as matching riders with the best driver nearby.


This blog post focuses on the scope and the goals of the recommendation system, and explores some of the most recent changes the Rider team has made to better serve Lyft’s riders.


Introduction: Scope of the Recommendation System


The recommendation system covers user experiences throughout the ride journey.


Screenshots are illustrative. May not capture the current experience.


One-Tap module on the home screen: At app open, riders can skip the entire request flow and request a ride with a tap at a button. This is available for high frequency users that have extensive travel history with Lyft. This is a convenient addition to the home screen and saves time and energy for users who are in a rush.

主屏幕上的一键模块: 在应用程序打开时,乘客可以跳过整个请求流程,只需在一个按钮上轻点一下就可以请求乘坐。这是对主屏幕的一种方便补充,为赶时间的用户节省了时间和精力。匆忙中。

Ranking & Preselection on the mode selector: After the user sets their destination, the app presents a ranked list of product offerings based on the user’s travel preferences and the current marketplace conditions. Some visual highlights are also displayed to help clarify the tradeoffs across different options. For instance, Lyft highlights the “fastest” and “your usual” ride types to enable riders to make faster and easier decisions when evaluating their options.

模式选择器上的排名和预选: 在用户设置了他们的目的地之后,该应用程序会根据用户的旅行偏好和当前的市场条件呈现出一个产品的排名列表。还会显示一些视觉亮点,以帮助澄清例如,Lyft强调了 "最快的 "和 "你通常的"的乘车类型,使乘客在评估他们的选择时能更...


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