Android App Size at Scale with Project Bonsai

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, providing a suite of services that brings essential needs to users throughout the region. Its offerings include ride-hailing, food delivery, parcel delivery, mobile payments, and more. With safety, efficiency, and user-centered design at heart, Grab remains dedicated to solving everyday issues and improving the lives of millions.


As the app continues to expand with more features, Grab identified the need for a consistent, high-quality experience for new users who may have limited storage space or restricted internet bandwidth. Read to find out more about Project Bonsai and how it reduced app download size and app disk size.

随着应用程序不断扩展增加更多功能,Grab 发现有必要为可能存储空间有限或受限互联网带宽的新用户提供一致且高质量的体验。阅读了解有关 Bonsai 项目如何减小应用程序下载大小和应用程序磁盘大小的更多信息。



In 2020, Google conducted research that highlighted the negative impact of app sizes on conversion rates, revealing a 1% decrease for every 6MB expansion of the app APK size. This finding prompted Grab to ensure new and existing users had a consistently excellent Grab superapp experience, given the prevalence of low-end devices and disparate internet infrastructure in Southeast Asian regions. As a result, Grab initiated Project Bonsai in Q3 2021, with the goal of reducing and optimising the app size while enhancing user experience, reducing installation barriers, and boosting user acquisition.

2020年,Google进行了一项研究,强调了应用大小对转化率的负面影响,每增加6MB的应用APK大小会导致1%的下降。这一发现促使Grab确保新用户和现有用户在东南亚地区普遍存在低端设备和不同的互联网基础设施的情况下,能够始终拥有卓越的Grab超级应用体验。因此,Grab在2021年第三季度启动了Project Bonsai,旨在减少和优化应用大小,同时提升用户体验,降低安装障碍,增加用户获取。

Understanding the problem


The Grab superapp, with over 4 million lines of code and integration with hundreds of third-party libraries, had a significant app size. Given the prevalence of low-end devices and disparate internet infrastructure in our target region, it is crucial for us to proactively and constantly ensure we are delivering ex...


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