Published on Monday, September 26, 2022


Every month, we release a new version of Chrome to make sure our billions of global users and businesses get the freshest features, security updates and performance upgrades. And now, we're able to make improvements and fix issues quicker than ever before with a faster release cycle—meaning you'll get the latest updates even more often.


We chatted with Technical Program Managers Ben Henry, Krishna Govind, Harry Souders, Srinivas Sista, and Brandon Heenan on the Chrome release team for an inside look at how they coordinate with Google teams across the world to ensure each release goes smoothly.


Q. How does your team prepare for each Chrome release?


Ben: First off, our team consists of seven people working full time across two major geographies. We think preparing for a release is like a train schedule. We use four release channels–Canary, Dev, Beta, and Stable–to prepare for a Chrome milestone release. As we move through the process, each channel has more Chrome users. This allows us to obtain feedback about Chrome's stability and performance with the goal of uncovering quality issues in the product as early as possible. We pay close attention to what users and developers are saying across social media, press articles, and bug reports to help catch anything we're missing. Our team of engineers and product managers can then use this feedback to make feature improvements.


Then, we do several rounds of testing to detect any quality issues, first using automated systems that run continuously, ...


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