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At Figma, performance is one of our most important features. We strive to enable teams to work at the speed of thought, and our multiplayer syncing engine is a critical part of this vision. Everyone should see each change made to a Figma document in real time.

Figma,性能是我们最重要的功能之一。我们努力使团队能够以思维的速度工作,而我们的多人同步引擎是这一愿景的关键部分。每个人都应该实时地看到对 Figma 文档所做的每一个改动。

The multiplayer server we launched with two years ago is written in TypeScript and has served us surprisingly well, but Figma is rapidly growing more popular and that server isn’t going to be able to keep up. We decided to fix this by rewriting it in Rust.


Rust is a new programming language from Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox. They’re using it to build a next-generation browser prototype called Servo which demonstrates that browsers can be way faster than they are today. Rust is similar to C++ in performance and low-level ability but has a type system which automatically prevents whole classes of nasty bugs that are common in C++ programs.


We chose Rust for this rewrite because it combines best-in-class speed with low resource usage while still offering the safety of standard server languages. Low resource usage was particularly important to us because some of the performance issues with the old server were caused by the garbage collector.


We think this is an interesting case study of using Rust in production and want to share the issues we encountered and the benefits we achieved in the hope that it will be useful to others considering a similar rewrite.


Scaling our service with Rust




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