Flexible Continuous Integration for iOS airbnb技术

An ML based approach to proactive advertiser churn prevention pinterest技术

The malware threat landscape: NodeStealer, DuckTail, and more meta技术

Migrating Critical Traffic At Scale with No Downtime — Part 1 netflix技术

Bootstrapping Uber’ s Infrastructure on ARM64 with Zig uber技术

eBay’ s Blazingly Fast Billion-Scale Vector Similarity Engine eBay技术

How to search point-of-interest (POI) markers on a map efficiently booking技术

Safer deployment of streaming applications grab技术

Large-scale User Sequences at Pinterest pinterest技术

Improved Alerting with Atlas Streaming Eval netflix技术

RESTful API Design. Best Practices in a Nutshell.

Transformer Math 101

Building a large scale unsupervised model anomaly detection system — Part 2 lyft技术

Building a Customizable Messaging Platform paypal技术

How we designed a multi-profile system

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