Unlocking the Power of JunoDB: PayPal’ s Key-Value Store Goes Open-Source


JunoDB is a distributed key-value store that plays a critical role in powering PayPal’s diverse range of applications. Virtually every core back-end service at PayPal relies on JunoDB, from login to risk to final transaction processing. With JunoDB, applications can efficiently store and cache data for fast access and load reduction on relational databases and other services. However, JunoDB is not just another NoSQL solution. It was built specifically to address the unique needs of PayPal, delivering security, consistency, and high availability with low latency, all while scaling to handle hundreds of thousands of connections. While other NoSQL solutions may perform well in certain use-cases, JunoDB is unmatched when it comes to meeting PayPal’s extreme scale, security, and availability needs. From the ground up, JunoDB was designed to be cost-effective, ensuring that PayPal can maintain its high standards of quality and operational excellence while keeping costs manageable.



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