We live in a world of discovery where visual appetite reigns supreme. Window shopping, infinite scroll lists, and micro engagements using simple visual cues are the norm. Search engines traditionally interpret a textual query input and match items and/or documents ranked by their relevance to the input query. The relevance of the retrieved results is based on scoring the closeness of the input query to the matching items/documents. This traditional approach heavily constrains the user to provide a language-bounded interpretation of their implicit preferences such as style and aesthetic feel, which are not usually available in a shared vocabulary.  Bridging this gap between inspiration and discovery by enabling visual first pivots in search is the goal of our work.

我们生活在一个发现的世界里,视觉上的欲望是至高无上的。窗口购物、无限滚动列表和使用简单视觉线索的微观参与是常态。传统上,搜索引擎解释文本查询输入,并根据项目和/或文件与输入查询的相关度进行匹配。检索结果的相关性是基于对输入查询与匹配项目/文件的接近程度的评分。这种传统的方法严重限制了用户对他们的隐性偏好(如风格和审美感觉)提供语言范围内的解释,而这些偏好通常在一个共享词汇中是不存在的。 我们工作的目标是通过在搜索中实现视觉上的第一个支点来弥合灵感和发现之间的这种差距。

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Fig 1: User desired item available in the inventory


Let’s illustrate this with an example. A user has an ethnic Turkish themed living room and is looking to purchase pillows for their recently purchased butterscotch-colored couch. In tune with their personal style, the user starts off their search using “turkish throw pillow,” reviews the results and in the process identifies the specific pattern used in pillows from Turkey as “kilim.”  

让我们用一个例子来说明这一点。一个用户有一个以土耳其民族为主题的客厅,想为他们最近购买的奶油色沙发购买枕头。根据他们的个人风格,用户开始使用 "土耳其枕头 "进行搜索,查看结果,并在此过程中确定了土耳其枕头中使用的特定图案为 "Kilim"。

They attempt to search for this pillow using various combinations of textual queries such as “orange kilim pillows,” “orange throw kilim pillows” or even a broad search “kilim pillows” (results in Figures 1 and 2) which does not yield their desired result in the top results. Though the results were highly relevant and had the best match with the query text which has been provided, the result of matching items varies significantly for each of these...


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