By Benson Ma, ZZ ZimmermanWith contributions from Alok Ahuja, Shravan Heroor, Michael Krasnow, Todor Minchev, Inder Singh

作者 马本森,ZZ Zimmerman撰稿人包括Alok Ahuja,薛文-赫罗尔(Shravan Heroor,冯小刚,Todor Minchev, Inder Singh



At Netflix, we test hundreds of different device types every day, ranging from streaming sticks to smart TVs, to ensure that new version releases of the Netflix SDK continue to provide the exceptional Netflix experience that our customers expect. We also collaborate with our Partners to integrate the Netflix SDK onto their upcoming new devices, such as TVs and set top boxes. This program, known as Partner Certification, is particularly important for the business because device expansion historically has been crucial for new Netflix subscription acquisitions. The Netflix Test Studio (NTS) platform was created to support Netflix SDK testing and Partner Certification by providing a consistent automation solution for both Netflix and Partner developers to deploy and execute tests on “Netflix Ready” devices.

在Netflix,我们每天测试数百种不同的设备类型,从流媒体棒到智能电视,以确保Netflix SDK的新版本能够继续提供客户所期望的卓越的Netflix体验。我们还与我们的合作伙伴合作,将Netflix SDK集成到他们即将推出的新设备上,如电视和机顶盒。这个被称为合作伙伴认证的计划对企业来说特别重要,因为设备的扩展在历史上对Netflix新的订阅获取至关重要。Netflix Test Studio(NTS)平台的创建是为了支持Netflix SDK测试和合作伙伴认证,它为Netflix和合作伙伴开发人员提供了一个一致的自动化解决方案,以便在 "Netflix Ready "设备上部署和执行测试。

Over the years, both Netflix SDK testing and Partner Certification have gradually transitioned upstream towards a shift-left testing strategy. This requires the automation infrastructure to support large-scale CI, which NTS was not originally designed for. NTS 2.0 addresses this very limitation of NTS, as it has been built by taking the learnings from NTS 1.0 to re-architect the system into a platform that significantly improves reliable device testing at scale while maintaining the NTS user experience.

多年来,Netflix SDK测试和合作伙伴认证都逐渐向上游过渡,采用左移的测试策略。这需要自动化基础设施来支持大规模的CI,而NTS最初并不是为这个设计的。NTS 2.0解决了NTS的这一局限性,因为它是通过吸取NTS 1.0的经验,将系统重新架构为一个平台,在保持NTS用户体验的同时,大大改善了可靠的设备规模测试。



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