Building for Inclusivity: The Technical Blueprint of Pinterest’ s Multidimensional Diversification


Pinterest’s mission as a company is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. “Everyone” has been the north star for our Inclusive AI and Inclusive Product teams. These teams work together to ensure algorithmic fairness, inclusive design, and representation are an integral part of our platform and product experience.

Our commitment is evidenced by our history of building products that champion inclusivity. In 2018, Pinterest announced the skin tone signal and skin tone ranges. In 2020, we announced the integration of skin tone ranges into Try on for Beauty. In 2021, we announced hair pattern search. In early 2023, we announced how we have been using our skin tone signal to shape our recommendations to increase skin tone representation across several surfaces. Now, we are expanding the latter to also include body type representation in fashion related results across search and closeup recommendations (AKA related feeds).



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