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When we first started building multiplayer functionality in Figma four years ago, we decided to develop our own solution. No other design tool offered this feature, and we didn’t want to use operational transforms (a.k.a. OTs), the standard multiplayer algorithm popularized by apps like Google Docs. As a startup we value the ability to ship features quickly, and OTs were unnecessarily complex for our problem space. So we built a custom multiplayer system that's simpler and easier to implement.

四年前,当我们第一次开始在Figma构建多人游戏功能时,我们决定开发自己的解决方案。没有其他设计工具提供这种功能,而且我们不想使用操作转换(又称 OT),这是 Google Docs 等应用程序流行的标准多人游戏算法。作为一家初创公司,我们非常重视快速交付功能的能力,而OT对于我们的问题空间来说是不必要的复杂。所以我们建立了一个自定义的多人游戏系统,它更简单,更容易实现。

At the time, we weren’t sure building this feature was the right product decision. No one was clamoring for a multiplayer design tool — if anything, people hated the idea. Designers worried that live collaborative editing would result in “hovering art directors” and “design by committee” catastrophes.

当时,我们并不确定建立这个功能是正确的产品决策。没有人吵着要一个多人设计工具--如果有的话,人们讨厌这个想法。设计师们担心实时协作编辑会导致 "盘旋的艺术总监 "和 "由委员会设计 "的灾难。

But ultimately, we had to do it because it just felt wrong not to offer multiplayer as a tool on the web. It eliminates the need to export, sync, or email copies of files and allows more people to take part in the design process (like copy-writers and developers). Just by having the right link, everyone can view the current status of a design project without interrupting the person doing the work.  


Our bet paid off, and these days it’s obvious that multiplayer is the way all productivity tools on the web should work, not just design. But while we use products with live colla...


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