• We’ve open-sourced MemLab, a JavaScript memory testing framework that automates memory leak detection.
  • 我们已经开源了MemLab,一个可以自动检测内存泄露的JavaScript内存测试框架。
  • Finding and addressing the root cause of memory leaks is important for delivering a quality user experience on web applications.
  • 找到并解决内存泄漏的根本原因,对于在网络应用中提供高质量的用户体验非常重要。
  • MemLab has helped engineers and developers at Meta improve user experience and make significant improvements in memory optimization. We hope it will do the same for the larger JavaScript community as well.
  • MemLab已经帮助Meta的工程师和开发人员改善了用户体验,并在内存优化方面做出了重大改进。我们希望它也能为更大的JavaScript社区做出同样的贡献。

In 2020, we redesigned as a single-page application (SPA) that does most of its rendering and navigation using client-side JavaScript. We used a similar architecture to build most of Meta’s other popular web apps, including Instagram and Workplace. And while this architecture allows us to provide faster user interactions, a better developer experience, and a more app-like feel, maintaining the web app state on the client makes effectively managing client-side memory more complex.


People using our web apps will often notice performance and functional correctness issues immediately. A memory leak, however, is a different story. It isn’t immediately perceivable, because it eats up a chunk of memory at a time — affecting the entire web session and making subsequent interactions slower and less responsive.


To help our developers address this, we built MemLab, a JavaScript memory testing framework that automates leak detection and makes it easier to root-cause memory leaks. We’ve used MemLab at Meta to successfully contain unsustainable memory increases and identify memory leaks and memory optimization opportunities across our p...


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