Implementing Server-Driven UI Architecture on the Shop App shopify技术

Building Airbnb Categories with ML and Human-in-the-Loop airbnb技术

How Precision Time Protocol is being deployed at Meta meta技术

VMAF FTW vimeo技术

Pandoc: colors, styles and tricks

Janus : Data processing framework at Myntra

For your eyes only: improving Netflix video quality with neural networks netflix技术

Match Cutting at Netflix: Finding Cuts with Smooth Visual Transitions netflix技术

Vulnerability Management at Lyft: Enforcing the Cascade [Part 1] lyft技术

Stability and scalability for search twitter技术

Write tests smarter, not harder booking技术

Move faster, wait Less: Improving code review time at Meta meta技术

Caching Without Marshal Part 2: The Path to MessagePack shopify技术

Flexible Daily Budgeting at Pinterest pinterest技术

Future-proofing our metadata stack with Panda, a scalable key-value store dropbox技术

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