The evolution of event data collection at Vimeo, part 1: the Fatal Attraction era vimeo技术

Uber’ s Next Gen Push Platform on gRPC uber技术

Restriction Rules: Complementing Salesforce’ s Record Access Control Mechanism salesforce技术

Building Myntra’ s Video Platform: Part 1

Stop Using TODO for Everything

How Airbnb Safeguards Changes in Production airbnb技术

Defending against SSRF attacks (with help from our bug bounty program) dropbox技术

Pinterest is now on HTTP/3 pinterest技术

The #1 bug predictor is not technical, it's organizational complexity

Upgrading Data Warehouse Infrastructure at Airbnb airbnb技术

Typeahead Search at Nextdoor

Maestro: The Orchestration Language Powering Shopify Flow shopify技术

ML Education at Uber: Program Design and Outcomes uber技术

Formulating ‘Out of Memory Kill’ Prediction on the Netflix App as a Machine Learning Problem netflix技术

Towards a Reliable Device Management Platform netflix技术

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