Uber’ s Sustainable Engineering Journey


Uber has made a commitment to sustainability by setting several goals across various sectors. By 2030, Uber plans to become a zero-emission mobility platform in Canada, Europe, and the US – and by 2040, worldwide. Uber Green, which offers no- or low-emission rides, has become the most widely-available option of its kind globally. However, this commitment encompasses more than just rides, as it also includes Uber’s engineering infrastructure such as its data centers and hardware resources, both on-premise and in public clouds.

As engineers and technology leaders, we nurture and develop the concept of responsible ownership, which is often thought of as maintaining high quality of our products. Responsible ownership also implies building efficient services, of which metrics for energy efficiency and sustainability should be an integral part.

In late 2021, we embarked on a journey to find out the best sustainable engineering practices, tools, and technologies, and began building them into our services, products, and training sessions. In this article, we present our vision and roadmap, walk through Uber Eng best practices for engineering sustainably towards a zero-emission world, and introduce novel, sustainability-oriented services.



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