YAML Generator for Funnel YAML Files: Streamlining the Mobile Data Workflow Process

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At Uber, real-time mobile analytics events—generated by button taps, page views, and more—form the backbone of the mobile data workflow process.

To process these events, our Mobile Data Platform Team designed and developed the Fontana library, which converts the nearly-one-million-QPS (queries per second) volume of events into easily digestible and useful analytics for Uber engineers. As part of this process, funnel YAML files are key config files that are used to define sequences of events for analysis. To this end, our team has also designed and developed the SuperFlurry application, which aids in creating and managing these files.

However, SuperFlurry still required users to create and modify funnel YAML files by editing raw YAML files directly. This was a significant pain point for Uber engineers and PMs aiming to set up their own funnels, especially for those unfamiliar with the format or the specific structure of funnel YAML files, as subtle syntactical errors are easy to make and switching back and forth between file creation and documentation is time-consuming. To remedy this issue, we designed and developed YAML Generator, an application that provides a comprehensive set of options for creating a funnel YAML file alongside a clean and intuitive UI.

The newly developed YAML Generator application builds onto the SuperFlurry application, streamlining the creation of these funnel YAML files. Through the development of this application, the importance of simplifying user-side input and the importance of continuous feedback are highlighted.


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